WiFi Booster accelerates net

WiFi Booster accelerates net

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WiFi Booster is a powerful signal booster to help you enhance your device signal and enjoy networking better, it’s a family member of WiFi You. WiFi Booster is not a hacking app but optimizing your network signal by identifying and choosing the most matching information channel on your device dynamically.

★ Simple action to enhance your network signal;

★ "Pause" during Boosting;

★ Notification on weak signal;

★ Just one click to target wifi hotspot, WiFi Booster will automatically analyze usage of your devices information channel and choose the most available channel for your network to optimize your wifi connection and stability.

★ Original Android UI - Simple and Clean, with smallest file size.

★ Fit all your wireless devices.

★ Clear DNS Cache

★ Clear browser cache

★ Optimize Browser Settings by turning on experimental browser functions like 2D accelerating

★ Improves your signal reception and Internet speeds

★ Improves your WiFi signal

★ Gives you better call quality

★ Data connection switch

★ Maximizes your phone’s broadband radio power

★ WiFi state switch

★ Check with your router from cloud end to avoid crowded information channels beyond speed range.

★ Scan connecting device numbers to the target router to optimize channel selection.

★ Working as a WiFi amplifier, WiFi Booster will enable your mobile phone to take the priority in the signal channel.

★ WiFi Booster will automatically select the repeater to improve the WiFi coverage.

★ Using WiFi Booster on your mobile phone, the speed and performance of your network will be greatly increased, whatever you are using TPLink, NetGear, DLink or LinkSys rounter or Verizon, Vodafone network.

★ WiFi Booster will work on all kinds of WiFi connections including McDonalds free WiFi, airport WiFi, school WiFi, wcpss WiFi and etc. to ensure you are using the optimum WiFi spot.

We will keep providing more valuable features based on survey to fulfill customer needs, please follow us on our Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/wifiyouwifibooster) to raise your insights!

Feedback email: wifibooster@wifiyou.net

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  • Συμβατότητα Android
    4.0.3 - 4.0.4+ (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • Προγραμματιστής
    WiFi Keeper